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Please note: This show only airs on Tuesday at 6:30pm PST. Feel free to enjoy over 100 other shows in the meantime.
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i-WGxBr4h- 350The Freddie Pee Ready Radio Show is exclusively designed to showcase different aspects of life and creativity, bringing unification to reality. The show elaborates on specific artist and professionals from their respected field. Some of those fields include music, art, film, writing, religion, psychology, science, business, advocacy, and public speaking. The media portion of the show will give a wide range of music with guest musicians and artist introducing their singles, mix tape, and albums along with updating their following on how to stay connected. The show is geared towards giving the listeners a taste of classic music from the 20th century along with current music choices from different genres. The host of the show will be no other then Mr. Freddie Pee himself, where he will be going through an interview process with the guest along with feeding the listeners with current events, ticket give aways, information, and news updates. Freddie Pee is a Nigerian American who grew up in Houston, TX with a background in anthropology, nutrition, psychology, Film, TV, entertainment, religion, education, public speaking, and athletics. The goal for the show is to bring an honest and subjective view point to the listener. The Freddie Pee Ready Radio show is partnered with the where the listeners can utilize the the internet blogging component along with receiving news updates, and information. The is operated by Los Angeles very own Christian Smith who introduces the listeners with more ways to learn about the guest on the show along with allowing listeners to receive an array of music from a particular music class. Are you ready, well get ready because here it is!


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