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What do you need to get a website? Here is Sir’s checklist!

Sir has been building websites for 5 years. He has built over 300 websites. He loves his clients and they love him. View testimonials 

Make an offer!

Many people ask Sir to build their website and all they want is the transaction & done. Sir isn’t a one night stand kind of website designer. He’s set on establishing relationships to expand his network of driven, passionate entrepreneurs and friends. His network is the foundation of what our parent company, Live Sircuit, is all about: making genuine connections while helping one another attain ultimate success. Sir building your website is building a relationship, and we take this relationship seriously. He’s looking for passion, so please understand some applications may be rejected. Also, there are no set prices, it’s all boils down to the offer/budget you have and the amenities you want. Either way, Sir will work with you and treat you right.

What Sir thinks about when reviewing your offer?

  • Will your site be a good fit for his portfolio?
  • Will your site be something he would love to promote?
  • Will you refer clients to him?
  • Are you a great fit for networking?
  • How easy will it be to work with you on the project. There will be many calls, texts, emails & late night edits.
  • How many team member does he need to complete your site?
  • How fast do you want your site?
  • Do you need a photo or video shoot?
  • Do you have your domain already?
  • Do you need your content to be proof read?
  • Do you need graphics or a logo?
Sir does not build websites that are not hosting with his company #KingofWebsites powered by GoDaddy. If your website is not hosting with Live Sircuit we can not help you with tech support. Examples: hacking, crashing, site errors, etc.

What is hosting? Think of our server as a parking lot. Your site is a car parked and taking up space. You must pay to keep your car parked month to month.


If you already have your domain please contact your domain provider and have them point your domain to IP address this should be done ASAP as this step can take up to 72hrs to take effect.

We recommend you buy your domain with Sir this way it will already be in Live Sircuit’s system so he can have instant access to it. Live Sircuit sell domains for $20 per year.

When buying your domain, pick something easy too spell and not to long! A “.com” is more professional but depending on your business you can do anything… “.org” for non-profits or “.net”… If you have a TV show maybe “.tv”…. But again… Short and easy to spell.

This package will ensure that you have a solid foundation for your SEO. On page SEO is the first and most vital step in building your SEO foundation. It’s important to remember that your backend houses all the nuts and bolts of your website. It contains every line of code – along with all your texts, images, and everything in-between. If it’s weak, your foundation will easily crumble.


    • SEO Plugins Uploaded and Configured (for WP Sites)
    • Keyword Research for Homepage
    • XML Sitemap Creation
    • GEO Meta Tag & Dublin Core Implementation
    • Robots.txt Installation
    • Image alt Tagging
    • Google Analytics Setup (you provide the code)
    • Metadata Writing Using Previously Researched Keywords (Meta Title: up to 512 pixels; and Meta Description: up to 923 pixels so that they don’t get truncated on SERPs)
      n-between. If it’s weak, your foundation will easily crumble.


  • $497 (One time Fee) Includes Home Page + 5 Pages
  • $597 (One time Fee) Includes Home Page + 10 Pages
  • $797 (One time Fee) Includes Home Page + 20 Pages
Your logo should be in PNG format with no background. This will allow us to put it on top of something without a white box around it.

Need a graphic designer to help?

Here are our graphic designers. Please feel free to call or email them to get your idea rolling! You will be paying them directly. Please keep in mind these are referrals and none of the below contacts work for Live Sircuit/Sir-Anthony Spease. You will be working with them at your own risk, however Sir has vetted each one personally! Just tell them Sir sent you from Live Sircuit!

Graphic Designers:

Please provide us with color codes. Your website colors should reflect or pair with your logo. What colors do you want for your site? Click here to view color codes.
What pages/tabs do you want on your website? Please note for every page/tab you want you must provide us with the content for that page. You can always add pages/tabs later!
Do you want your social network links on your website? Do you want your social network feeds on your website? Please note if you want any social network feeds on your website you must provide us with your login info. You can NOT change your username or password once we connect it to your website. If you change your username/password you will disconnect your social network feed and a error message will appear on your website.
If you want any videos on your site it is recommended you use YouTube or Vimeo to host your videos. If you want to host your own videos you must submit them in MP4 format with a picture for the thumbnail.
Photo Shoot included for budgets over $500:

  • 90 minute session – Every additional fifteen minutes over: $20
  • Up to 10 photos edited – Additional edits $10/per

Please arrive on time and ready to begin shooting at the start time of your session to avoid going over. Hair, makeup, and wardrobe, should be completed prior to arriving.

You will be notified fifteen minutes prior to your session time ending. Should you go over your time, prompt payment must be made to begin additional shooting.

Please disclose prior to session if wardrobe changes, location changes, and/or props will occur during your session as this may have an impact on your shooting time and require a longer session.

If you have your own photos:
Format: JPEG
Size: 1500px wide
Copyrights: You must submit pictures for your website. Please make sure you have permission to use the pictures. If not the person who owns the copyrights can have your website removed from the internet until you remove the picture. You can be sued for using someone’s pictures without their permission.

Need stock photos? We can provide stock photos for $29.99.

We recommend you use SoundCloud to host your audio files. If you want to host your own files please submit them in MP3 format ONLY!
You must submit a slogan/tagline or your website will read in the browser “Just another WordPress site”


  • New album in stores now
  • Official site of YourName
  • Go hard or go home
Want a shopping cart? Great! You will need to submit the following items:

  • Product picture
  • Price
  • Sizes
  • Colors
  • Shipping info
  • Paypal email address

Please note: We will only upload your first 3 products to your store. You will be responsible for uploading the rest. You will not be submitting your store content on the first form.

If you would like to collect email you must have a bulk email provider. We recommend mailchimp.com & mailmunch.co. You must sign up for both in order for it to work. If you have ConstantContact.com that will work also!

Here is an estimate chart to help you understand how long on average updates can take.

  • 5mins – Adding and/or changing (1) picture, button, text & video
  • 10mins – Adding a product to an existing store
  • 15mins – Adding a social network feed (Instagram, Soundcloud, YouTube etc)
  • 15-30mins – Adding a new pages
  • 1hr – Event calendar
  • 3hr – Adding a store
  • 3hr – Adding a scheduler
  • 3hr – Adding a membership program
  • 3hrs – Adding a rating & reviews system

Our fee can range from $30-$50 per hour depending on the add-on and how many team members we need to complete the request.